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Specializing in producing condenser, evaporator and refrigeration components

Benrun Refrigeration Equipment

Hangzhou Benrun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is an industrial and trading enterprise, located in Hangzhou, China, which incorporates manufacturing, distribution and trading, with a premise of 20,000s.q.m., 15,000 s.q.m. of floor area. lt started business more than 30 years.
Specializing in producing condenser, evaporator and refrigeration components. We have advanced manufacturing facilities strong technical force, an engineering technical team with abundant experience, precise product testing facilities, which ensured our product quality stay at the top level in the relevant field. Our annual production capacity has reached 300,000 units. With strong capacity and high quality services, Benrun has won the trust and support from worldwide customers and established a good relationship of cooperation with many well-known enterprises from all over the world.
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Industry implementation standard: JBT 7659.4-2013. The leakage rate is controlled at three thousandths,The single point leakage rate is not more than 2g/a. Each batch of products is sold out of the factory, with: product quality inspection certificate and packing list.

Material reality

Strictly control the quality of raw materials, raw materials must have ROSH certification. The copper tubes are selected from Hailiang and Longyang. Aluminum foil is made of Tianma and Dingsheng.

High dimensional precision

Cite advanced production equipment at home and abroad. Punch brand: Jingda, punch die: Jiake, Yihua, Weiyan. Brand of tube expander: Olmerson.

There are many types of molds

The company has 8 pairs of molds and 3 others are being customized.

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Specializing in producing condenser, evaporator and refrigeration components.



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