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Aluminum 8 Rows Tube Condenser for Cars


Product Description

Model NO.



Cooler, Condenser, Heat Exchangers


Regenerative Heat Exchanger


Corrugated/louverd/flat Fin Type

Fins materials


Full Customization



Galvanized/aluminum/Stainless steel







Transport Package


Production Capacity



10pcs ( sample is ok )

Delivery time

5-7 days for samples, 15-20 days for bulk production.

Aluminum Condenser (1)

Packaging & delivery

Packaging Details

Foam packed in inner machine,carton pack outside


Ningbo/ Shanghai

Aluminum Condenser (2)

Aluminum 8 Rows Tube Condenser for Cars

An aluminum 8-row tube condenser for cars is a specialized component of an automobile's air conditioning (AC) system. It serves as a heat exchanger, facilitating the release of heat from the refrigerant in the AC system, which allows for efficient cooling of the air circulated inside the vehicle cabin. Here's a detailed overview of its description, advantages, and potential topics for further exploration:

Aluminum Condenser (3)


An aluminum 8-row tube condenser consists of eight rows of aluminum tubes arranged in a compact and efficient manner. These tubes are interconnected and usually have fins attached to them to enhance heat transfer. The condenser receives hot, high-pressure refrigerant vapor from the compressor, and as air from the vehicle's front grille passes through the fins and tubes, heat is transferred from the refrigerant to the air. This causes the refrigerant to condense into a liquid state, allowing it to release heat and cool down. The cooled refrigerant is then sent to the expansion valve before entering the evaporator coil to further cool the air inside the cabin.

Aluminum Condenser (4)


1. **Efficient Heat Transfer:** The 8-row design, along with the use of aluminum tubes and fins, maximizes the surface area for heat exchange. This results in efficient heat transfer, allowing for effective cooling of the refrigerant and, consequently, the cabin air.

2. **Lightweight and Corrosion-Resistant:** Aluminum is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material, making the condenser durable and suitable for automotive applications, where weight and exposure to various environmental conditions are considerations.

3. **Compact Size:** The condenser's compact design allows it to fit within the limited space available in a car's engine compartment, ensuring efficient use of the available area.

4. **Good Thermal Conductivity:** Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, aiding in the rapid transfer of heat from the refrigerant to the surrounding air.

5. **Reduced Energy Consumption:** An efficient condenser contributes to the overall efficiency of the AC system, potentially leading to reduced energy consumption and improved fuel efficiency.


1. **Heat Exchange Mechanisms:** Explore the heat exchange mechanisms involved in the operation of an aluminum 8-row tube condenser, including convection and conduction, and how they contribute to effective cooling.

2. **Comparison with Other Condenser Designs:** Conduct a comparative analysis of the performance, advantages, and disadvantages of an aluminum 8-row tube condenser with other types of condenser designs, such as parallel flow or serpentine designs.

3. **Optimization of Fin Design:** Investigate how variations in fin design, such as fin density and shape, impact the condenser's efficiency and heat transfer capabilities.

4. **Materials and Corrosion Resistance:** Delve into the properties of aluminum that make it suitable for automotive condensers, including its corrosion resistance and lightweight characteristics.

5. **Cooling System Integration:** Examine how the aluminum 8-row tube condenser integrates with other components of the car's cooling system, such as the radiator and fan assembly.

6. **Environmental Impact and Sustainability:** Analyze the environmental benefits of using aluminum condensers in cars, considering factors such as recyclability and reduced energy consumption.

7. **Efficiency Improvements and Innovations:** Research advancements in condenser technology, such as enhancements in materials, manufacturing processes, and design innovations that lead to improved cooling efficiency.

8. **Impact of Automotive Trends:** Explore how emerging trends in the automotive industry, such as electric and hybrid vehicles, impact the design and integration of air conditioning systems, including condensers.

The fin heat exchanger was one of the earliest and most successful discoveries in the process of improving tubular heat transfer.Please refer to Mould Specification for more details.

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