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CE Certification Industrial 650*378*18mm Condenser


Product Description

Model NO.



Cooler, Condenser, Heat Exchangers


Regenerative Heat Exchanger


Corrugated/louverd/flat Fin Type

Fins materials


Full Customization



Galvanized/aluminum/Stainless steel







Transport Package


Production Capacity



10pcs ( sample is ok )

Delivery time

5-7 days for samples, 15-20 days for bulk production.

Packaging & delivery

Packaging Details

Foam packed in inner machine,carton pack outside


Ningbo/ Shanghai

Condenser (4)

CE Certification Industrial 650*378*18mm Condenser

A CE-certified industrial 650*378*18mm condenser is a specialized component used in various industrial applications for heat exchange and cooling purposes. The condenser is designed to remove heat from a fluid (such as refrigerant, water, or air) and dissipate it into the surrounding environment. The CE certification ensures that the condenser meets the safety, health, and environmental standards set by the European Union (EU). Here's a detailed overview of its description, advantages, and potential topics for further exploration:

Condenser (3)


The CE-certified industrial condenser measures 650 millimeters in length, 378 millimeters in width, and has a thickness of 18 millimeters. It typically consists of a series of tubes or channels through which a hot fluid flows. As the fluid passes through the condenser, heat is transferred to the surrounding air or another cooling medium. The condenser may also include fins or other heat exchange enhancement features to maximize heat transfer efficiency. The CE certification indicates that the condenser complies with EU standards for safety, performance, and environmental impact.

Condenser (1)


1. **Efficient Heat Transfer:** The industrial condenser's design and construction ensure efficient heat exchange, making it suitable for various industrial cooling applications.

2. **Space Efficiency:** The compact dimensions of the condenser allow it to be installed in tight spaces, making it versatile for different industrial setups.

3. **Enhanced Cooling Performance:** The use of fins or other heat exchange enhancement features increases the condenser's cooling capacity and efficiency.

4. **CE Certification:** The CE certification confirms that the condenser adheres to EU standards, ensuring its quality, safety, and environmental compatibility.

5. **Customizable:** The industrial condenser's design and dimensions can often be customized to fit specific industrial processes and requirements.

Condenser (2)


1. **Heat Transfer Principles:** Explore the fundamental principles of heat transfer, including conduction, convection, and radiation, as they apply to industrial condensers.

2. **CE Certification Process:** Provide an overview of the CE certification process, including the regulations and standards that industrial condensers must meet to obtain certification.

3. **Comparison with Other Cooling Solutions:** Conduct a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of an industrial condenser compared to other types of cooling solutions, such as air-cooled or water-cooled systems.

4. **Cooling System Integration:** Examine how the industrial condenser integrates with larger cooling systems in various industrial applications, such as HVAC, refrigeration, or process cooling.

5. **Optimization for Specific Industries:** Investigate how industrial condensers are optimized for specific industries, such as manufacturing, chemical processing, power generation, or electronics cooling.

6. **Efficiency Improvements:** Research methods for optimizing the efficiency of industrial condensers, including the use of advanced materials, coatings, and design modifications.

7. **Maintenance and Reliability:** Provide insights into maintenance practices, inspection schedules, and troubleshooting procedures necessary to ensure the reliable and long-lasting operation of industrial condensers.

8. **Environmental Impact and Sustainability:** Analyze the environmental benefits of using CE-certified industrial condensers in various industrial processes, including energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

9. **Future Trends in Industrial Cooling:** Explore emerging trends and technologies in industrial cooling systems, including advancements in condenser design, smart control systems, and integration with renewable energy sources.

The fin heat exchanger was one of the earliest and most successful discoveries in the process of improving tubular heat transfer.Please refer to Mould Specification for more details.

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