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Copper Heavy Duty Truck 8 Rows Tube Condenser


Product Description

Model NO.



Cooler, Condenser, Heat Exchangers


Regenerative Heat Exchanger


Corrugated/louverd/flat Fin Type

Fins materials


Full Customization



Galvanized/aluminum/Stainless steel







Transport Package


Production Capacity



10pcs ( sample is ok )

Delivery time

5-7 days for samples, 15-20 days for bulk production.

Packaging & delivery

Packaging Details

Foam packed in inner machine,carton pack outside


Ningbo/ Shanghai

8 Rows Tube Condenser (1)

Copper Heavy Duty Truck 8 Rows Tube Condenser

A copper heavy-duty truck 8 rows tube condenser is a specialized component used in the air conditioning and refrigeration systems of heavy-duty trucks. This type of condenser is designed to remove heat from the refrigerant, facilitating efficient cooling and temperature control within the truck's cabin. The use of copper tubes enhances heat transfer efficiency and durability. Here's a detailed overview of its description, advantages, and potential topics for further exploration:

8 Rows Tube Condenser (2)


A copper heavy-duty truck 8 rows tube condenser features a configuration of eight rows of copper tubes that serve as conduits for the high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant vapor. As air from the truck's surroundings passes through the tubes, heat is transferred from the refrigerant to the air. This causes the refrigerant to condense into a liquid state, releasing heat and enabling effective cooling. The cooled refrigerant then flows to the expansion valve before entering the evaporator coil to further cool the air inside the truck cabin.

8 Rows Tube Condenser (3)


1. **Efficient Heat Transfer:** The copper tubes have excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring efficient heat exchange and optimal cooling performance within the heavy-duty truck's air conditioning system.

2. **Durable Construction:** Copper is a robust and corrosion-resistant material, providing durability and longevity to the condenser even in rugged operating conditions.

3. **Enhanced Temperature Control:** The condenser contributes to maintaining comfortable cabin conditions for drivers and passengers, enhancing overall temperature control.

4. **Heat Transfer Performance:** The eight-row tube configuration maximizes the surface area for heat exchange, further improving the condenser's cooling efficiency.

5. **Heavy-Duty Application:** Designed for heavy-duty trucks, this condenser is built to withstand the demanding vibrations, loads, and environmental conditions associated with commercial trucking.

8 Rows Tube Condenser (5)


1. **Heat Transfer Mechanisms:** Explore the principles of heat transfer involved in the operation of a copper heavy-duty truck 8 rows tube condenser, emphasizing convection, conduction, and the role of copper in efficient heat exchange.

2. **Advantages of Copper:** Delve into the properties of copper that make it an ideal choice for heavy-duty truck condensers, including its thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability.

3. **Comparison with Other Materials:** Conduct a comparative analysis of copper heavy-duty truck condensers with condensers made from other materials, highlighting the benefits of using copper in terms of performance and longevity.

4. **Optimization for Heavy-Duty Trucks:** Investigate how the design and configuration of the condenser are optimized for heavy-duty trucking applications, considering factors such as airflow management and integration with other HVAC components.

5. **Maintenance and Longevity:** Provide insights into maintenance practices, regular inspections, and cleaning procedures necessary to ensure the proper functioning and extended lifespan of copper heavy-duty truck condensers.

6. **Environmental Impact:** Analyze the environmental benefits of using durable and efficient copper condensers in heavy-duty trucks, considering aspects such as energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.

7. **Cooling System Integration:** Examine how the copper condenser integrates with the overall heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of heavy-duty trucks to provide effective temperature control.

8. **Innovation and Future Trends:** Explore emerging technologies and trends in heavy-duty truck refrigeration systems, such as advancements in condenser design, materials, and integration with hybrid or electric vehicle platforms.

The fin heat exchanger was one of the earliest and most successful discoveries in the process of improving tubular heat transfer.Please refer to Mould Specification for more details.



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